Cross Dock Warehousing

Shipment costs to multiple locations killing your business?

Send your product direct from your manufacturing facility, supplier facility or from the port to us. Our cross-dock warehouses keep our clients’ products moving continuously, even in the most difficult situations. Let us unload, reroute, restack, shrink wrap, palletize and redeliver your product, from last mile furniture and appliances, to small freight delivery, we’ll treat it with care and send it on its way. Our warehouses are all connected; you will still have one contact point to call for the assistance of all services.

We are your reliable warehousing partner.

By breaking down received items at the loading dock and matching them with pending orders, cross docking eliminates the storage and labor costs of a traditional warehousing model. Our distribution centers have numerous dock doors and the capacity to handle volume surges to support weekend and holiday promotions, again, eliminating expenses you would typically have.

Cross-docking is best defined as receiving goods at one door and shipping out through the other door almost immediately without putting them in storage. Cross docking redefines supply chain management services to on-demand deployment services. We can offer endless different on demand opportunities to help your organization. We can break down a shipment as large as a 53′ van full of furniture, bedding, appliances, lawn and garden items, to items as small as shipments to local stores from a supply warehouse.

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